Thinking of Moving? Get A Self Storage Rental Near You

Thinking of Moving? Get a Self Storage Rental Near You

Thinking of Moving? Get a Self Storage Rental Near You

In many instances where we live is determined by the circumstances around us. Like the proximity of family or being near the place of our birth. When the need arises to move, it is a major occasion and again, it is often driven by changing circumstances. In doing so, a challenge may arise in that we own a lot of possessions, and when relocation is required, they would need to be stored somewhere, like in a self storage facility or so.

Finding that storage solution in a time of need or change need not be difficult, as the handy advent of self storage in your area will provide you with the safe storage that you are looking.

Moving can be a harrowing event, as the reason for doing so is not always pleasant. The reasons could be as a result of something upsetting, like a break up, or even worse, a death. In these circumstances the last thing you’d like is to have to worry about the safety of your goods.

At Cuboid Self Storage, more than half our users that rent a self storage unit are doing so because they are moving. Feedback is that a self storage unit provides them with the most satisfying cheap storage option that there is while they are doing so.

Security, value for money and convenience come up as the three most important factors when looking at self storage as the preferred choice of storage during the transition from one place to another.

Take Moving in Your Stride

The thing about moving is that it can be very stressful. And on top of the moving could be the added stress of having difficult circumstances attached to the move.

  • Downsizing

    Relocating to a smaller home often comes with old age, where the reasons are related to deteriorating health or the loss of a spouse. In these cases, given that there is a larger home filled with all kinds of life-long possessions, parting with anything is, on its own, traumatising, especially with the past attachments and life long memories associated with them.

    Family if they are around and willing to assist may chip in and help, or even take some of the items in the house. The downsizing into a smaller place will require that a lot of things in the house will have to go.

    Many downsizers simply spend some money on the affordable storage cost and keep their possessions until they are feeling mentally and physically strong enough to do so.

    In these instances, a load up and move to self storage will take a lot of pressure off at the time.

  • Life Changing Events

    Breaking up or separation is never pleasant, but it happens to incompatible people from time to time.  What happens next is that one party must move out, or perhaps both find they have to move because of the cost of maintaining a household.

    We all know the feeling when there is a death in the family, and someone dear to us passes away. When this happens, there is usually a household of possessions left behind which needs sorting out. This is an emotional time for the one left behind. Besides dealing with grief and sadness, decisions need to be made about what to do with these possessions.

    In both these circumstances, the availability of secure space in a self storage unit nearby could be the ideal solution. Decisions about a permanent solution to these possessions can be put off until you feel able to deal with them.

    We will see that the process from packing to storage can be done in a very short time, and there are many well equipped professionals around in your vicinity to assist you.

Relocating: The Big Move

Ok, you are thinking of packing up and moving your household because of work, holiday, or your children? There is a saying that we should not follow our children around. But it is nice to have the grandchildren nearby isn’t it?

Or are you thinking of relocating to a country village where the pace is slower, and you feel like being part of a smaller community. Something we have learnt over the past few years is that working remotely is a reality for many of us, so we do not need to live in the city any longer. We can live the dream in that place we have dreamt about.

Self storage gives you the freedom to pack up and do other things – bucket list things. You may take this opportunity of taking a sabbatical or set off on that trip of a lifetime that you have always dreamt of. By putting the contents of your house into storage, imagine the freedom to enjoy yourself without any worry.

The timing of the sale of your house and the acquisition of a new property may not coincide, or you may choose to rent a furnished apartment in the new area before you buy. Instead of stressing about where you are going to keep everything, by having everything in secure storage, you have the freedom to do so.

How Much Can Be Stored in a Self Storage Unit?

This question is frequently asked of our staff at Cuboid Self Storage. A house can contain a lot, depending on the owner and how much has been acquired over the years.

If you can imagine 240 medium-sized boxes, that is what can be stored in the insulated container unit at our storage facility. What makes self storage so great is that your load can be placed in storage as soon as we have given you access. This needn’t take longer than a day, and the self storage unit is all yours for as long as you need.

When booking, it’s a quick process which can be done on the phone and you can save yourself a trip to the storage facility this way.

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