How Do You Know You Are Selecting A Great Storage Facility?

How Do You Know You Are Selecting a Great Storage Facility?

Placing your possessions in the care of some else implies that there is trust in the other party to look after your goods. Think about this for a moment and ask yourself how many people or places you can find to do this.

Secure storage that is offsite is available at many storage facilities across the country, but how do you know that you are selecting really great one?

After all, you need to get the feeling that the storage facility you choose feels about your valuables the same way as you. In essence it’s about the people in charge and the infrastructure that is in place at the storage facility.

In the same way you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for storage, as basically you are renting a storage room under lock and key, so in essence you would think that all storage facilities are the same, wouldn’t you?

Well, it’s not the case, as some like  Cuboid Self Storage, which has self storage facilities in multiple locations is wholly geared to good customer service and completely secure storage for its customers.

To assist you when you next need to rent a storage unit nearby, here are the key factors to consider when looking for a great storage facility.

What it Takes for Great Customer Service

  • On Hand to Address Your Queries

    One of the biggest challenges when considering a storage rental is the size of the storage room and whether it is optimally suited to your needs. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay more for a storage unit than necessary. This is a typical question that needs to be answered and it is fair to ask it of your prospective storage facility.

    A call will tell you if the staff are on hand to deal with this kind of query. In this way you can start to formulate an opinion of the storage facility and their readiness to give you the answers you are looking for.

    In fact, it’s good to test the water this way, so why not have a range of questions available and give the shortlisted storage facilities a call to formulate your opinion. It is just one of the factors to take into account when deciding if you have chosen a great storage facility or not.

  • Friendly, attentive, and approachable staff

    A good employee that is trained to give good customer service is easily recognizable from bad ones. A good example is the use of your name when you call. As a customer centric service provider your self storage facility personnel should use your name from the start of the conversation and throughout the call.

    Other attributes are problem solving ability and speed. After all a prospective customer calls for a reason and is hoping that the service agent will solve it to their satisfaction. In this way the personality of the business comes forward and is expressed through the way the staff deal with customers.

    Empathy is a further skill that will show whether the service staff really care about the customer. Test it out and see what reaction you get to a problem that you pose to them.

  • On Hand to Assist

    By now you would have made a mental note of the staff efficiency and attitude to customers. But when you arrive at the storage facility with your load that you wish to put into the self storage unit, will there be anyone to assist you. Or are you on your own? Naturally, a great storage facility will be on hand to assist.

  • Fast Booking System

    These days with technology helping save time and money, a great self storage facility will have invested in a good technological booking system that allows fast and easy booking. Check this out for yourself by going online and seeing how the booking system of the storage facility you are thinking of stacks up on this prominent issue.

What it Takes for a Great Storage Facility

Some storage facilities got the extra mile to deliver storage excellence and there are a number of criteria to consider when searching for a great storage facility in the area.

  • Location

    Proximity is one of them, as being near to your storage helps save time when you need something inside. Besides a good storage facility will take into account the accessibility from many directions to the market, while thinking about their customers’ convenience.

  • Offloading and loading

    While packing up and getting goods ready for storage is considered a tedious job, the actual loading and offloading should be made easy by how the storage facility enables the process through the way the storage unit is accessed when the load gets there.

    By enquiring about this aspect when making a call to the prospective storage facility it is easy to get an idea about this matter.

  • Security measures

    Starting with the outer perimeter, the security of a good storage facility should include limited access control and some form of monitoring of the storage unit areas. As you’d expect your goods to be safe in the storage unit, ask about these measures to get a good idea of what the storage facility provides.

When You Next Require a Storage Rental

Given all these factors, it becomes a simple matter to decide for yourself which self storage facility to use. Remember to check them out first to make sure you have made the right choice!

At Cuboid we ensure that the booking process is speedy, in line with our determination to provide excellent customer service. Once we have received all your documentation, the turnaround time to give you access to your self storage unit is short, giving you immediate access.

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For personal contact, which we much prefer, give us a call on 01257 449070 for any help or advice needed.

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  • Henry Killingsworth

    You made an interesting point when you mentioned that it is a good idea to find a self-storage facility that has invested in a good technological booking system. Utilizing an organized self-storage facility seems like a good idea because they would be able to access information more quickly and provide faster answers to your questions. They would also be able to access your account information more quickly and be more reliable when it comes to payments.

  • Victoria Addington

    It was interesting to know that a good storage facility must be accessible from many directions. My friend needs storage for her collectibles. I think it’s best to turn to a self-storage facility that is easily accessible.

  • Mia Evans

    I totally agree when you said that the self-storage facility should be easy to access in all directions. I should find one near me here in Anchorage, Arkansas to easily get items from it whenever I need it. It’s because it might take a month or so to get the rooms of my house renovated.

  • Mia Evans

    I like that you talked about getting a feel of the storage unit facility and if they will value the belongings that you have just like the way you do. I think that will show if they prioritize security in their facility and units by having certain systems in place. So it is one of the many things that I have to keep in mind when looking for a place to rent when my house gets renovated, so my belongings will be safe even if they will be away from my home for a couple of weeks or months until the project is done.

  • Mia Evans

    It really helped when you said that the private storage facility should have limited access control systems and monitoring devices. I think finding a facility like that will give us the assurance that our belongings will be safe with them. Some of the things that I will store in a place like that would be my musical instruments to have additional space in my living room.

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