Running a Small Business? Storage Solutions where and when Needed

Running a Small Business Storage Solutions where and when Needed Cuboid

Being an entrepreneur and running a small business always puts demands on time and resources. As a small business, there may be only that one person available to attend to a customer query, and while it is nice being near the coalface it’s sometimes quite taxing.

For someone in the service business, they are sure to have the tools of the trade with them all the time and have back up materials stored somewhere for conducting repairs and maintenance. Keeping them safe is top priority One of the safest storage solutions available is in a self storage unit.

While there could be a few other options to store the tools of the trade, those that are free are likely to be unsafe or unreliable.

Small business owners may keep their tools of the trade at Cuboid Self Storage, and some even could use more than one unit as a branch elsewhere at one of the many the self storage facilities the company has in its multiple locations.

Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and without them, communities and the many people who own them would be much the poorer.

In many instances the small business owner has mastered the art of their trade, and as their business grows, so does their customer base. However, the early days are the toughest, and some advice to would-be entrepreneurs from those that have been successful is valuable.

Getting the basics right when starting out will lay a solid foundation for the business and increase the chances of its success. Because the primary motivation for starting a business is to make a profit, from which money the owner can make a decent living, the financial aspects are crucial.

In formulating the product or service that will be offered, a price needs to be set to determine how much income is likely. Keeping overheads low, and not making big financial commitments is a sensible way to go at the beginning. Financial management revolves largely around cash flow.

Having a positive cash flow is what is best, meaning that there is more money coming in than going out. If this trend could happen month in and month out, the business will get onto its feet well.

Getting the Business Going With Self Storage Rental

As all businesses need space to operate the first consideration will be where it should be located. As this space must be secure to house the assets of the business, the decision to rent space must be well considered.

Tied in with this decision is the need in the beginning to keep the overheads as low as possible. This will help keep the cash flow positive and give the business a chance to flourish without the extra financial pressure on it. Also, as the business owner is not sure how the first year will go, a long lease commitment would be ill-advised.

This could well be the reason why lots of small business owners do a self storage rental nearby and use the space as a lock-up-and go for their tools, stock, and other materials. Some give themselves a working surface like a table and provide shelving to give themselves a comfortable place to work in.

The advantage in this instance of the self storage rental is that if the first few months don’t go well and the small business owner wishes to consolidate and run it from the home, the month-to-month commitment of such a rental will allow for that. Using this example for space could also apply to the vehicle used to operate the business.

Prudent small business owners, in the early days to establishment, will be advised to put back as much money into the business, keeping the belt tight, and reinvesting in it to aid growth. In this way it increases the chances of success.

It’s all About Marketing

Entrepreneurs or artisans and craftsmen usually establish a business in a niche that they are good at and have a skill in that area. Starting out they may already have a few customers that they have given service or sold one of their products to. Encouraged by the satisfaction that the customer has expressed, the entrepreneur will be more confident about building this into a small business.

Now the challenge will be to get the name out there more widely. Speaking of the name, the small business owner would have chosen a name that describes the business, ensured that no one else has that name, and possibly registered the name as well.

As the name is all that there is in the beginning, getting it out there will be a daily task using the media, particularly social media to reach prospective customers. In many instances, while the entrepreneur can post their work on the channels available, sometimes it is wise to get professional help to do the marketing.

The basis of the business can be built on customer satisfaction, using reviews to authenticate the service offerings and promises it makes in the marketplace. It is a slow and continuous build, and later as more discretionary money becomes available, this excess cash can be put into online or media advertising.

Building the Business: Increasing the Footprint

Business growth also comes at a cost and is normally funded out of the excess cash flow that is generated. This extra money is needed to fund more stock to supply to customers, or more equipment to make new products. It also means that more space is likely to be needed.

In this case, Cuboid Self Storage would advise an additional space in the form of a second or third self storage unit rental, which will help the business extend its footprint in the market. Having multiple locations also is a consideration as the business grows, where new branches may be opened.

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