While we cannot provide a wind and water tightness guarantee to our customers, we make sure to mitigate this through sourcing the best quality storage product in the first place. 

All our containers come with a five-year guarantee from the supplier and we only source “one trip” units – meaning that they have only ever done a single trip across the ocean before becoming storage containers. By choosing these containers, we ensure they have plenty of life left in them and that they will be as secure against the elements as possible for our customers.

Yes, Cuboid Self Storage always provides a container-graded padlock and key as part of every rental. You do not have to provide your own.

Yes, all Cuboid Self Storage sites have comprehensive CCTV coverage and, in some instances, on-site security teams for additional peace of mind.

Yes, all Cuboid Self Storage containers come equipped with a lock box as standard.

In most situations you can drive to the door of your container, though there may be one or two containers that are difficult to reach in this way. If you require this ability, make sure to specify it when renting and we will strive to accommodate you dependent on availability.

Yes, the preferred payment method for Cuboid Self Storage is automated debit or credit card. When you make your first payment, we will set up the automated payment for the 1st of every month thereafter so you don’t have to worry about paying monthly. An alternative method is to set up a standing order.

Yes, Cuboid Self Storage operates an electronic contract process meaning that you can sign your lease on a mobile phone or computer. You do not need to worry about printing, signing and scanning documents in or having to meet someone to sign a contract.

Yes, we always ask for ID before giving access. By doing so, we can ensure that we only release spare keys to the person we hold the ID for, meaning that you can rest assured no one else will have unauthorised access to your container.