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Self Storage for Seasonal Times or When the House is Full

Self Storage for Seasonal Times or When the House is Full

Self Storage for Seasonal Times or When the House is Full

Are you shaking your head wondering where to put it all? This often occurs. Your house is inundated with extra stuff. Visitors, family, or friends want to come to visit. And when they come to visit suddenly, your home is chock-a-block.

Making space at home when your living area is already crowded becomes a nightmare, and this is exactly when you need that extra space. If this sounds familiar, then make life easy for yourself, and get a self storage rental unit.

When there is limited space in the already cluttered garage, the attic or the basement is full, there is no other option to consider, but to load up and put everything into self storage.

There may be many more occasions where there is a need for extra space, like over the Christmas period, when you travel or merely to store your seasonal equipment. Whatever the reason, finding a self storage facility like Cuboid Self Storage is sure to solve all your storage problems when they arise.

Take advantage of short-term storage. By this, we mean a month at a time. This is all that you need to commit to, so if you change your mind, or the visitors have departed, come, and collect your goods and take them home.

As we are unlikely to use a lot of what we own all at the same time simultaneously, working out what to store short term is an easy decision.

Summer Equipment: Store it in Self Storage Until Needed

Have you ever wondered how to get all the summer equipment and gear out of the way when they are not in use? Why not pack them in a self storage unit?

You’d be surprised how much summer equipment there is, and it doesn’t get used until next spring. In the winter months, there is no lawn to mow, which is a relief in itself. Camping is not going to be an option, so the tents and accessories can be stored.

Looking at all the garden equipment, much of it can be packed away too.

Just a few tips before you pack them away: like, giving everything that is going to storage a good clean, and don’t forget to remove the fuel in the lawnmower, trimmer and any other appliance that may have it.

Self storage is the safest way to protect your investment in all your sorts of gear, some of which, like jet skis, quad bikes or canoes that are used to explore the countryside and enjoy the outdoors are expensive.

The insulated container unit is ideal for this purpose, keeping everything out of harm’s way until next summer.

Winter Sports Equipment in Self Storage Unit

Then it’s just a swap when it summer comes around again, meaning that your winter equipment goes the same way when the time comes.

Packing up of the winter items and making room for the summer toys gives you that real feeling that summer is on its way. While the summer gear has been well looked after at the storage facility, it’s now the chance for the winter equipment to hibernate there until the following season.

This will include your skis, other snow equipment and of course all the Christmas accessories and decorations that you don’t need until the following year.

Making Space for Visitors Using Self Storage Unit

No one can resist the thought of having family come and visit over the festive season. After all their mere presence livens up the house and creates a great festive spirit.

Clearing the spare room and making space for your visitors need not be a problem. Ideally short-term storage can be arranged by taking a self storage rental at a conveniently located self storage facility nearby.

Just identify what you want to pack away for the duration of your visitors’ stay and get the professionals to collect and run the load down to the self storage unit for you.

It’s as quick as that, with an affordable rental and terms that are not binding. Self storage unit rentals are undisputedly the most customer friendly space providers there are.

When the visitors arrive, they are welcomed by an uncluttered area of free for movement, open spaces, and airy rooms, all they need for a super holiday.

Make Cupboard Space for Clothes

Safe storage of clothes requires special attention. It’s not a simple matter of packing everything into suitcases or boxes and dropping them off at the self storage unit.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your clothes are stored in the best possible way.

  • Make sure everything that is intended for storage is clean and dry. From there, it would be advantageous to have plastic bins to store them in. Not only are they assured of a dry and secure environment that is safe from infestation, but it will also guarantee that they will come out of storage looking as good as they went in.
  • Best keep everyone’s clothes in separate storage bins, marked on the outside for easy identification and so preventing any unnecessary scrambling for clothes when needed again.
  • Using a rack is a good idea, especially if it has wheels, so that your clothes, particularly long dresses, or suits can hang nicely and not get creased while in storage.
  • Even though there should not be pests expected in a self storage unit, it’s always good to add a few mothballs for extra protection.

Cuboid: Your Self Storage Solution

With self storage on your doorstep there is no need to worry about the lack of space for your seasonal visitors and all their belongings when they come to stay.

A clearance of your house is made effortless once you have decided what you want to remove to make space for everyone. Give Cuboid Self Storage a call and we can get up in with access to your unit in no time

With protection from the outside elements, the insulated self storage container units provide the perfect storage solution for any goods that need to be stored offsite for a period of time. This could be long-term or short-term, whatever the need is.

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