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Your Best Storage Solution – Rent a Self Storage Container

Your Best Storage Solution – Rent a Self Storage Container

Your Best Storage Solution - Rent a Self Storage Container

Just when you are wondering where you are going to find that extra storage you need, the best storage solution surfaces. It’s the most obvious, and it’s the way many people solve their storage problems. Self storage is one of the most wonderful storage options available, and the chances are that there is a storage facility near you. 

When things get on top of you, and you are looking for extra space, whether home or business, what are various options available? 

The key consideration when it comes to storage of goods of course is the safety factor. When storing something that is out of your sight, perhaps away from where you are, there is always going to be that little niggle in your mind about the safety of the goods. 

It could be argued that insurance is a solution to this problem, but using this argument doesn’t answer the issue, as there is so much extra work involved in reporting, claiming from insurance, and replacing what was lost. Why not just choose a safe option and be done with it? 

At Cuboid Self Storage our storage facilities are geared for complete safety. Storage container units are secured in gated premises, with twenty-four-hour closed-circuit TV being monitored continuously. 

How Much Space does A Self Storage Unit offer?

When considering a storage unit rental it’s always a good idea to do good forward planning to evaluate the size of the unit in relation to the amount of goods that you wish to store. 

Getting to grips with the unit size is the first hurdle. How big is it actually and what will it take? 

As a lot of self storage users make use of self storage when they are moving or in the case of a business, when they have a lot of extra stock, a large container is more than adequate. 

Trying to visualize space is also not straightforward. Of course, one can easily stand in a storage container as it is more than eight feet high. This is a good indication of the stacking height available, while the length is almost three meters, providing enough depth too. 

With the width at 2.44 meters, the space offers 1131 cubic feet, which is enough to accommodate about 240 medium sized boxes. 

This gives a good picture of the amount of space available, which helps in estimating the amount that can be stored there.

Finding and Choosing a Storage Rental

One of the best things about using self storage is that it’s relatively easy to get a storage rental going, even at short notice. 

Additionally self storage facilities should also be handily located for ease of access. Ideally one would want the storage rental to be nearby in case you need to use it from time to time. 

When looking for a suitable storage facility you could find that there are a number in your area. This means that you will have to make an informed decision about which one to choose. 

By looking at the position of the storage facility in relation to where you are, you should be able to judge the distance and the get an idea of the roads that link you and the self storage facility. Once you have narrowed down the various routes, make contact with a few of them. 

Telephonic contact will surely give you an impression of the professional way the business is run, and by asking a few strategic questions you should be able to form a further impression. 

Besides asking about the size of units the storage facility offers, get a quote for the size that you have in mind. Some storage facilities offer an incentive for you to stay long term, say, more than two months, so check this out. 

Next ask about security measures: usually you should be given detail about closed circuit monitoring, perimeter security and fencing, as well as gate access. All of these are key features of a good storage company in the area you have chosen. 

A random check of reviews on the company’s website will also give you a clear indication of how previous renters have felt about their storage experience

Pack Sensibly

Two important things to remember when packing is to mark the contents of your boxes for future reference and to protect their contents by packing carefully.

This normally means that last minute packing doesn’t work as well compared to when you have time to do it properly. Boxes or plastic containers that are used to house the goods destined for storage should be uniform in size, for packing purposes, as well as being robust enough for stacking and handling. 

You may need a few items when they are in storage, which is why knowing where everything is located is critical. 

Your care and attention at offloading and stacking stage will also help you to locate a specific box when it is in storage, in the storage unit. 

Looking for Self Storage?

If you are needing self storage in: 

Runcorn, Chorley, Tamworth, Caernarfon, Wrexham, or Watford, then look no further than Cuboid Self Storage. Our insulated storage units provide the ideal climate suitable for any storage application. 

We ensure that the contents of the self storage units remain in pristine condition while they are with us. This means that your unit will be dry and pest free, two especially important conditions for safe storage. 

Signing up for a unit is so easy to do. Choose a short-term contract or a long term contract, it’s up to you. There are no enormous contracts tying you in, and rentals are for no more than a month at a time. 

Complete the online form on our website or call us at the number below. Our friendly team will be standing by to help you. Should you need any further information about the size, what packing supplies you need or help with moving advice, ask any member of our Cuboid Self Storage team. 

When you get to us you will be assured that your container self storage unit will be clean and waiting, ready for you to move in. 

So, contact us when you are ready to experience a great storage offer with a professional self storage company. 

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