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Why Jeopardize the Value of an Artwork Just Because You Didn’t Store It Correctly?

Why Jeopardize the Value of an Artwork Just Because You Didn’t Store It Correctly?

Why Jeopardize the Value of an Artwork Just Because You Didn’t Store It Correctly Self Storage

Valuable artworks can be a good investment if they are cared for properly. A wise buy may yield a very high return one day in the future. Collectors know too well that safe storage is crucial to them keeping their condition and therefore their value.

The correct storage procedures for artworks are undeniably the biggest consideration to be made when preparing, packing, and storing them. Collectors go to great lengths to ensure that the storage conditions for artworks are maintained.

You may or may not be surprised to hear that of all the storage areas chosen by collectors, self storage is one of the most preferred. This is because in good self storage facilities the design and safety features are made to suit just about any fragile or valuable item that is stored in their self storage units.

Cuboid Self Storage, with self storage facilities in multiple locations offers self storage rentals at affordable prices for such items of value.

During a move or when you are perhaps renovating, artworks can be subject to damage and need to be safely stored, even if only for the short term. After all, it only takes one incident and the damage is done, so rather be careful than careless!

Business Storage

Art gallery curators and shop owners are well versed in the way in which paintings should be displayed in order to attract public interest. On auction days particular care is taken when artworks need to be relocated to an auction venue.

The reasons for this are that these works of art are particularly susceptible to cracking or fading if they are exposed to adverse conditions.

These include the following:

  • As an artwork ages, it gets more valuable, while at the same time becomes more vulnerable to damage.
  • Big paintings or delicate works require much more care when they are moved.
  • Exposure to light can compromise an artwork very easily.
  • If exceptionally valuable their physical safety needs to be ensured.

In the art world, the preservation and safety of the pieces owned by the business is the most important consideration of all. In the end it all comes down to how they are stored.

Getting Art Ready for Self Storage

In getting prepared for storage the business should invest in some decent props for the artworks to rest upon. This may include shelving, storage cabinets, mobile racking, and display panels.

The purpose of these is to ensure that the lifetime of the artworks is not shortened due to bad storage and display practices. They also serve to maximize space in the art gallery or self storage unit.

Now that the artwork can rest on an appropriate support racking system, the best way to keep their quality is clean and wrap the artworks.

  • Artwork that is framed can be securely wrapped by means of using a light blanket, or through encasing in bubble wrap, then sealed with tape such as used for standard packing.
  • Unframed artworks require a little more care. They need to be assured of dryness in storage. Therefore, wrapping in silicone release paper is recommended. Thereafter, in order to keep the artwork secure, place it between two pieces of hardboard.

A little advice about cleaning artworks, which you should do before packing them up. Do not use water or any soap. This is forbidden as any form of moisture is bad for them. The answer is a light duster that can’t do any damage to the surface of the painting.

Ensure that your strokes are super soft and be careful not to catch the threads of the duster on the artwork itself. If you are in doubt, take it down to an expert to do this for you.

Ideal Storage Conditions for Artworks

The exposure to light, especially sunlight poses a real threat to a painting. This is particularly true of water colours or photographs which will fade if care is not taken. Oil paintings on the other hand are tougher and can put up with some light.

In the case of storage, don’t take chances and store them all in a dark place. A self storage unit is an ideal spot for them as they don’t have windows and the sealed door ensures that the inside is completely black.

It’s the effect of the ultraviolet light on the paintings that causes them to deteriorate and lose value. Therefore, any storage room that can be assured of darkness will be ideal for the storage of paintings.

Two other conditions that affect artworks are dryness and humidity. As moisture can attract mould, this needs to be avoided at all costs. Again, a self storage rental is an ideal place for artwork storage as the units are cool and dry always.

Insulated self storage units help control the temperature and humidity too, and we know that excessive humidity is dangerous for paintings.

Getting that Storage Sorted Out

Right, so you’ve seen the self storage facility that you’d like to use nearby? Check past history of customer service by checking out the reviews and give the company a call to assess their service levels for yourself.

Booking a self storage rental can be done easily over the phone. Once you make the payment, the unit can be all yours on the same day.

Remember to keep the pieces separate from each other as colours can run or some storage chemical reaction is possible. Also, ensure that nothing can cause the painting to crease or chip, when not in use, so hanging is ideally the best for this.

Expect the self storage unit to be completely dry and free of any form of vermin, always.

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