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When Thinking of Minimalizing or Downsizing, Think Self Storage

When Thinking of Minimalizing or Downsizing, Think Self Storage

When Thinking of Minimalizing or Downsizing Think Cuboid Self Storage

Home is where the heart is and there is no place like home. But as in life, nothing is ever certain, and there will come a time when we think of minimalizing or downsizing. The thought of packing up or getting rid of our long-loved possessions isn’t one that we relish, because it requires a lot of work, and to be honest, most of us are too attached to what we own.

Post move regrets stay with us when we do something in a hurry like giving away or selling an item of furniture we have had for years. The good news, however, is that there is a solution to this quandary. It’s called self storage, and once you find out how it works and what it costs, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Both minimalizing and downsizing have the same outcome as they involve relocating, selling, or giving away possessions in order to have more space, or because less space is available to keep them in.

Self storage facilities like those at Cuboid Self Storage are placed strategically at multiple locations across the UK to provide much needed space to would-be renters of self storage.

Just the thought of doing a house clear out is enough to make one tired, but it needn’t be as there are ways to do this without making it all too stressful

Going About the Job of Household Decluttering

Undoubtedly there are many things in the home that are not used all the time. Chances are that they are using up valuable storage space somewhere in the house. Try opening a cupboard that is used only occasionally and take a peep at what is inside.

Lots of possessions are there because they probably are being kept just in case they are needed someday. Others have already been replaced by new models, its just that the old ones haven’t been discarded yet.

If this sounds familiar, here’s what to do.

What’s the point of letting things gather dust in cupboards? If the plan is to minimalize or downsize some serious thought will have to go into letting go. It may be hard to do, but, hey, how are you going to fit everything into a reduced space otherwise?

Where to Start, Where to End

The most obvious place to start is where the most clutter is. Normally the kitchen cupboards and the pantry hide many kinds of food and cooking items that can be minimized. Have some time on your hands and keep the kettle nearby for some breaks for tea during the process.

  • Start with the Pantry and Kitchen Cupboards

    Unpack everything so that all the contents are visible. Once you have got over the shock of how much there is, take a bit of time to do some cleaning of the contents. Whatever you are going to do with them, whether throw out, repack, or store, they all need to be clean.

    While you are doing so, decided what you need, and put the different categories into piles, like needed and not needed.

    Once the cupboard space is clean, use tins or jars as storage containers to pack into, looking out for expiry dates and half packets that can be consolidated. Already you will find that there is more space available and besides, things are far easier to find. Labelling the containers also is a big help with this.

    Remembering the stretched-out hands of children when looking into cupboards, make sure the items you don’t want them to access are out of reach.

  • Clothes and Linen

    Expect every cupboard in the home to have far too much stored in them. The trouble is that there are doors on the cupboards, and this means that because the contents are behind closed doors, nothing is visible. Until, that is, you analyze it carefully.

    Linen cupboards are normally packed to the brim with linen and everything else from the seasonal decorations to unused clothes and bathroom accessories.

    This is a good time to take all the contents out and decided what needs keeping. Don’t forget the cycle of washing and cleaning because when repacking you’d want a fresh smelling cupboard. Add some scent sachets for good measure.

Tackle the Bulky Items

Now that the hard yards have been done by clearing out the excesses that are harboured in the cupboards you will have a bunch of things ready to be moved offsite.

Now look at the furniture and appliances with a critical eye and decide what is needed going forward. By removing the items that are not required, suddenly there is going to be a lot of space available. However, prior to deciding what is to happen to them, find out what price could be realized for each item.

They may be secondhand but remember their replacement price is a whole lot higher. Once that has been established then a decision can be made from an economic point of view.

If you decide to sell, you don’t have to be in a hurry. Consider a self storage rental first. The advantage is that while waiting for your price the goods are in safe storage. Also, there is an opportunity to use the self storage unit as a showroom to display your goods for sale while you negotiate a satisfactory price.

Why Choose Cuboid Self Storage?

With multiple self storage facilities in numerous well positioned places across the country, Cuboid offers a variety of secure storage location for goods that need secure storage.

It means that there is help at hand when you are thinking of going smaller, whether to move to a reduced sized house, apartment, or retirement home, you don’t have to worry about the storage of your possessions.

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