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Running out of Space? Commercial or Household Storage Users Choose Self Storage

Running out of Space? Commercial or Household Storage Users Choose Self Storage

Running out Of Space Commercial or Household Storage Users Choose Self Storage Cuboid

Whether a home or business owner there always comes a time when secure storage space is needed. The good news is that you will not have to inconvenience anyone by asking them for space to store anything. There’s self storage to assist you.

Storage space these days is easy to find because of the wide range of self storage unit rentals that are to be found just about anywhere. Of course, having some different storage unit sizes available helps tailor your space requirements to almost exactly the size required. In this way, there is no wasted space or extra cost.

Talking about cost, self storage is extremely cost-effective, and finding cheap storage nearby is an easy process. When taking a storage rental, accessibility is another factor to consider. You’d want one nearby so that you can use it as and when needed.

Cuboid Self Storage has storage facilities located at multiple locations across the UK which are designed to assist homeowners and businesses seeking storage rentals in their area.

To give you some idea of what to look for when renting a self storage unit, we have some useful tips to guide you through the process.

What To Look Out for When Renting a Storage Unit

Here are some of the most important considerations when looking for a self storage rental to house your goods.

  • Size Variations

    Depending on the size of the load you want to store, you can choose a self storage unit to fit its size. It could be your boat, small car or furniture, there will be a size to fit your needs. Enquire when you make contact with the storage facility that you are considering storing with that, they help confirm this.

    Make the most of your rental by packing correctly and using the height of the storage room. Often, we tend to ignore the cubic size of a storage room, which has considerable height to offer.

  • Location and Security

    Having easy access to your self storage unit is the next feature to think about. You don’t want to drive miles every time you need to get something or do some work in the unit. Ask about operational hours, some offer extended access, seven days a week. As security is your prime reason for choosing self storage, get some idea of how the storage facility and the self storage units are secured. This could be a combination of external security like the perimeter fence and access gate, the location of the storage units themselves in the complex and how they are monitored.

    Most good self storage facilities will have modern and sophisticated monitoring systems such as CCTV and magnetic card access.

  • Keeping Storage Conditions Perfect

    With temperature fluctuations occurring, dampness and the exposure to pests, anything that gets stored and is exposed to any of these dangers is likely to be compromised. That’s maybe why using a storage room that does not offer perfect storage conditions should never be considered for your goods.

    Good self storage units will offer an insulated environment that protects the contents from swings in temperature, while making sure that the integrity of the unit offers complete dryness and protection from any form of invasion of pests or vermin.

When Are Your Likely to Need Self Storage?

The need for more space comes at the most unexpected moments sometimes. But that’s not always the case: You may be planning a move, which of course will give you more time.

  • Unforeseen Circumstances

    Unfortunately, things happen in life that are unexpected and quick decisions about storage need to be made. For example, when there is a sudden death and arrangements must be made for the protection of personal items.

    In this instance it would be wise to get a removal company in to pack up the possessions and contact your local storage facility to arrange a self storage rental.

    Another is a relationship breakup, which is unfortunate but happens from time to time. In this case storage is needed to help extricate one partner, or both, from the situation. By putting everything in a self storage unit, the safety of the personal effects is assured.

    In the business sense a run on sales, or a successful promotion could require extra stock to be stored in a hurry. The advantage of a self storage rental is that a self storage unit can be hired very quickly. This means that secure storage will be on hand for a business at the right time, when needed.

  • Planned Events

    It’s wise to factor the extra space that self storage offers when planning an event that involves having to find secure space for items.

    Typical events involve a change or residence, such as when a move occurs, and it allows you to pack up and secure your household possessions until you are sure of the space on the other side. Even a home renovation needn’t be a headache as clearing out space in preparation of the building activities can be solved this way.

    A short-term rental at a self storage facility is an ideal place to relocate household items while the building processes are under way and there by saving them from damage during the event. Likewise, a storage rental is an ideal place to store anything when you go away, say on an extended business trip or when you are planning a holiday.

    As these units are so versatile and offer different size options, anything from a small car to valuable documents can be safely stored in one.

Choose a Self Storage Unit Nearby

When the need arises finding and occupying a self storage unit need not be a big mission. This is because there is likely to be one nearby and making a booking is done electronically when you need to.

Rest assured this is the safest place for your goods when storage space is needed.

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