Make Space For Yourself: Rearranging A Garage With The Help of Self Storage

At home, a garage is one of the few areas that offer a DIY enthusiast a place to work in. The alternatives, being a garden shed or outside room don’t quite come up to scratch. But the challenge often is to keep the garage space available to do this type of work.

As it’s primarily a space designed to keep cars when they are not in use, competing for this space as a DIYer is at best a difficult task. While self storage units are recognized for their garage-like spaces, they are offsite. But they do play an important role in providing a DIY user with valuable extra space when required.

A further dimension is the fact that there are not many places where unused or unwanted household possessions can be stored. While in reality many of these could possibly be disposed of for recycling or some charity, they are kept in the garage gathering dust.

This problem can be easily solved through a self storage rental. At Cuboid Self Storage, and across the self storage facilities the company has in multiple locations, space is available for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of for a reasonable monthly rental.

Let’s call it backup storage, and even if it’s not on site, normally there is a self storage facility nearby.

Make Space in the Garage

Starting at home, the space in a garage is always hotly contested, and keeping it organized is a big task. If you want to make way for DIY activities then there are some do’s and don’ts to guide you along the way:

Starting from scratch the first rule should be to get rid of all those items that are being stored in the garage doing nothing and probably serving no purpose. Like the old fridge that may have run out of gas, or the stove that used to serve you well but has been replaced by an upgrade.

Secondly, let’s face it, a garage gets dirty when it’s full of stuff and so a very good cleanout is called for. Already the garage will start taking shape in a new and more spacious way.

However, there is usually a problem with how things are stored in the garage. It is often haphazard and not organized. Now offers you an excellent time to do something about this.

The best way to reorganize them is to put the tools and equipment all together on the clean floor and plan how they are going to be arranged in the new-look garage.

Racking works Wonders in a Garage

Fortunately, there are many forms of racking that can assist the DIYer to arrange tools, materials, and equipment in a way that they are easily accessible and do not get in the way of the cars that are going to spend the night there.

  • Overhead racking

    As there is a good deal of space above head height, it’s always a pity when this space goes to waste and is not used. The space here is quite significant, and by installing overhead racking there will be a good amount of additional space made for items, like wood, containers, and other voluminous materials.

  • Wall racking

    Two big advantages of wall racking are that the items stored by hanging them from a wall rack are very visible. In cases where the item is out of its place, it is either being used or it is lost. The DIYer can keep track of equipment very effectively this way. Secondly, by hanging them the items are not touching the floor. This makes cleaning much easier, which is important, and as mentioned earlier, a garage gets messy in double a quick time.

A Workstation is a Must

As it’s impossible to do any sort of DIY work without a work surface, a table of sorts is imperative to work on. This normally poses a bit of a challenge, as if the garage is long enough then it can go on the back wall. But even in the case of a double garage, most of these spaces are made to house cars and don’t provide the luxury of providing the extra space to work in.

To overcome this a mobile workstation is recommended. Mounted on wheels, it can be moved around easily and parked at night out of the way of cars. Being mobile it can also be moved to where it is needed. Multipurpose workstations have power sources, and drawers for consumables and can house built-in saws or clamps for the convenience of working efficiently.

Remove the Excess to Self Storage

Having done the hard yards, a clean garage now becomes a very productive workspace. The good news is that a DIYer need not be limited to this space if the project needs to be ramped up and more stock is needed.

If space again becomes cramped it could be because others are again leaving unused items in the garage, Alternately more raw materials may be needed to complete the job at hand.

Security always being an issue, there is no safer storage option than a self storage rental. Secure container storage with Cuboid self storage is assured. A storage facility like the Cuboid Self Storage site provides excellent security for its clients.

Rentals also give the user a lot of flexibility because there is no long-term commitment. When signing up for a storage unit the term is for a month at a time, which is ideal. In addition, the storage rates are cheap in comparison with any alternative.

When making the inquiry for your storage container all that is needed is your details, and following that a contract will be emailed to you and access granted on payment. It’s as easy as that!

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