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Important Ways to Make the Most of Self Storage Space

Important Ways to Make the Most of Self Storage Space

Important Ways to Make the Most of Self Storage Space Cuboid

When looking for storage, a self storage rental is one of the best and most affordable options there is. Whether the need is to find place for some items that are occupying valuable space at the office or at home, self storage should be on top of the list of preferred storage facilities.

There may some hesitation when possessions are not needed or never used and you may consider outright sale or donation of the unwanted goods, but before you do that, do the sums because self storage could help you in the long term from making a decision that could be regretted later.

So, once you have decided to go the self storage route, make sure the unit you choose is big enough for the load that you want to store. Look on the website of the provider that you have in mind and see the options available. The last thing you want happening is to arrive and the unit is too small, so check this beforehand.

If some advice is needed the we at Cuboid Self Storage, and in all our self storage facilities in multiple locations, are on hand to advise you on your space requirements even before you start packing.

Once your list is compiled and the space is recommended you will be able to prioritise the load and decide which items to leave behind. With the first step out of the way, here are the other important ways to make self storage work for you.

How to Prepare for Storage

When getting everything ready for storage there are come external factors to consider that will determine what sort of packaging and preparation is required for your goods.

A thermally insulated container helps protect the contents of a self storage unit from outside extremes by regulating temperatures to ambient. Naturally the unit should be clean and dry before occupation, so that there is little chance of mould or mildew developing in the darkness of the unit when it is unoccupied.

This is particularly important for the storage of clothes and electronics, as well as other sensitive goods.

  • Cleanliness

    With the self storage unit prepared and clean, the worst thing you could do is to put dirty goods inside, as that would be inviting disaster when things are in storage. Imagine how soiled they will be by the time you collect them again. Starting with clothes and linen, a good wash, iron, and fold will ensure that they are adequately prepared for the box you are going to put them into for storage.A couch and other furniture covered in fabrics should be cleaned with an antiseptic cleaner and allowed to dry. Appliances should definitely be free of any food, stains and should be wiped clean with a bleach.

How to Pack a Storage Unit

As logical as it may sound, being able to find something in a storage unit, when you need it is what you should have in mind when packing up and storing in the unit.

This quite simply means that all boxes should be clearly marked, and inventory must be cross referenced. All this is done during the packing phase. Keeping photos and a record on a mobile phone also helps and may be easiest.

  • Preparation is key

    In order to prevent damage, the protection of your goods is key to the keeping of their condition in storage.

  • Packing furniture

    Furniture is best loosely wrapped or draped in blankets or wraps so that it can breathe whilst in storage. While bubble wrap can be used, plastic should be avoided as it creates a moist climate inside the packing, which could lead to mould developing.

  • Packing electronics

    It’s always advisable, even for the sake of its guarantee, to keep the original packing box of electronic gadgets. When it comes to storage, these boxes are essential for packing the gadgets to ensure their safety. One thing not to be forgotten about electronics is how to put them together again when taking them out of storage. Take a photo of which wire goes in where and keep the wires handy by securing them to the box so that they don’t get lost.

  • Packing clothing

    Clothing is best packed into corrugated cardboard boxes or plastic crates. The biggest enemy of clothes when in storage is mildew and pests that could eat away at the fabric while no one is around. Ensure clothes are clean and nicely folded and stick some cedar balls into the packing container to repulse the pests.

  • Packing appliances

    While in storage and left for a prolonged period, appliances like washing machines, stoves, and fridges can start to rust. Therefore, it is of vital importance that all water is removed from them and that they are thoroughly cleaned before being put into storage.

    It goes without saying that they must be thoroughly cleaned and free of any bad odours.

Self Storage: Organized Packing Makes Things Easier

By mapping out the self storage unit beforehand, you will effectively be creating a layout that helps you locate anything you need, if you need it. Generally, heavy items are on the floor and the lighter ones are stacked on top.

Shelves are an idea, if you have them, but permission may be needed to secure them to the self storage unit wall, so don’t forget top ask. Free standing metal shelves also may work, as they create a lot of extra vertical space.

Choose The Option You Need

A self storage rental provides flexibility and an immediate solution to a space problem. Simply make contact with the self storage facility of your choice and make the enquiry.

Once we at Cuboid self storage have your details, we email you an agreement and you make the payment for the first month! As soon as that is done, access is given.

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