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Downsizing is Time to Let the Fun Begin: It’s also Where Self Storage Helps

Downsizing is Time to Let the Fun Begin: It’s also Where Self Storage Helps

Downsizing is Time to Let the Fun Begin: It’s also Where Self Storage Helps

Downsizing a home is normally a well-considered decision that results in finding alternative accommodation that is smaller with less maintenance and less costs. Often it happens in the face of getting older and not being able to live like the younger years.  While this seems quite a challenge and a retrogressive step, it is far from being so, as we will see.

Firstly, the good news is that not everything has to be sold or given away to be able to live comfortably in a smaller place. While costs must be carefully watched when retirement arrives, affordable storage costs associated with the rental of a self storage unit are one means of providing storage support when downsizing.

It means that a seamless transition can be made and there shouldn’t be any obstacles to carrying on with life after the event. The occurrence of downsizing is normally associated with retirement. Most retirees who have that positive mindset have been found to be a very busy life, even in a smaller places.

The reason for this is that they have time on their hands to do all the things that weren’t possible when working. Many of the retiree clients at Cuboid Self Storage, and across the self storage facilities of the company that are located in multiple locations use a self storage unit on the occasion when downsizing takes place.

In many instances, our clients find it hard to let go of possessions that are of sentimental value and that have been in their care for many years. So, using our rental storage units becomes to their advantage.

Let The Fun Begin

While it could be argued that retirement is the time to rest as it affords the opportunity to get away from the daily grind of life and business that has dominated lives for so long.

Instead, retirement becomes an opportunity, a time to let the fun begin. With time on their hands, retirees can do what they want, what they have missed out on over the years. All they need is the right approach, energy, and the will to do it.

As many in that position will advise, it’s also an important thing to be well organized. So, in order to get to this position, what is it that is needed to make the remaining years fun?

Happy retirees are likely to give you the following answers:

Me Time is Important

With so many demands on their time over the years, just the peace and quiet of having some me time is valued by retirees. It is otherwise called having space to do their own thing, but in practice, it doesn’t really happen readily.

This is because of the temptation to connect with persons in a similar situation, which is characteristic of the life of retirees. This results in the participation in events and occasions, which have the effect of filling up the diary and putting demands on their precious time.

Many do this willingly, as it sure beats getting lonely. Again, it comes down to being organized as time becomes something that needs to be managed.

Make Suitable Choices

Having earned the time for oneself, and getting established in a new environment, there should be a lot of opportunities to enjoy the future. But like making a hole in water in a bucket, the void is quickly filled by others. Even family and friends could expect babysitting services, or local DIY requests of assistance.

So, in practice it comes down to the choices that are made. This ensures that the time is yours and no one else. It may sound selfish, but hey, that’s how it should be.

This is when a routine is the answer. When everyone knows the fact that there is a diary and your time is your time, there can be no argument or resentment. By setting boundaries, the retirees’ choices and time become of their own making.

Keeping Positive Advanced Years

While the question is asked how to keep positive in the face of advancing years, many who have that positive outlook that everyone in a similar position is looking for will give the answers:

  • Exercise is Number One

    Keeping in shape rates highly on the list of ensuring longevity and a positive mental approach to life in ageing years. Instead of complaining about aches and pains, get on top of them through regular exercise.

  • Ramp up A Hobby or Sport

    For some there may be a hobby that has been on the back burner for a while, that can blossom now. This is the time to expand that interest, and for many, these are the best days of their lives. A sport like bowls can combine exercise, social and skill.

  • Time to Travel

    What better time to go abroad and see the places on the bucket list? With no encumbrances and everything in safe storage, there is nothing to worry about. These are the years for visiting all those places that have been missed out on over the years!

  • No Harm in Getting in Some Extra Cash

    All that knowledge and experience is worth something! As there are plenty of small jobs out there and you can pick and choose, why not do something for some extra cash, be it writing or consulting? And the choice is yours, in your own time.

Having It All with Self Storage

Let the fear of letting go be solved with self storage. A self storage unit rental is ideal storage support when downsizing. As space becomes a problem when moving from a big place to a smaller one, the angst that having to part with something precious can cause is no more.

A self storage unit rental, done on a month-to-month basis, is a perfect answer to the question of “where to put it”. No need to worry about that problem anymore.

Having an heirloom or piece of furniture that is particularly valuable that doesn’t fit into the new place need not be sold. Keeping it till a suitable answer is found need not be a big challenge.

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