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Correct Building Material Storage Helps Assure a Good Construction Project

Correct Building Material Storage Helps Assure a Good Construction Project

Correct Building Material Storage Helps Assure a Good Construction Project

Have you ever thought about the right way to store construction materials when embarking on a building project? As you’d would need to get the various kinds of materials sourced before proceeding, for the same reason, a place of storage should be found to keep them safe.

It is well known what it’s like being on a building site when construction is taking place. Workers, machines and building materials move around in a hive of activity. Central to everything is the security of processes involved in getting the job done. Incoming and outgoing materials that are delivered and then issued for use need to be safely stored.

Having these construction materials on hand for ready use is a must. With a few forms of storage available to contractors, self storage emerges as one of the best options.

Cuboid Self Storage, with self storage facilities located in multiple locations is perfectly geared to provide storage for construction projects needing to store building materials safely for the duration of a project.

Timeous availability of construction materials helps ensure that there are no delays in the building timetable, with the procurement and stock control being crucial elements of this process.

Having a secure place of storage is key to being able to have these materials available on time every time, with safety assured.

How to Store Building Materials

Not all materials need to be stored in a protected environment like a self storage unit. Thankfully so, because on a big construction project, the volume of materials needed can be sizeable indeed.

However, where expensive tools are involved and materials of great value are potential targets of thieves, they need to be protected at all costs. Left unattended or unguarded on a weekend or at night nefarious individuals could well target them.

Allocating space, therefore, becomes an important consideration. For example, space is needed for bulky materials like stone aggregates which can be stored outdoors near the construction activities.

Dangerous or hazardous materials like diesel or gas require their own storage regimes while storing wood must follow its own particular process. There will also be health and safety rules to be followed.

Chemicals will need to be stored in a chemical store when not in use. So, it is evident that there is no possibility of storing everything together, and separate storage areas are needed.

Construction debris and other waste will require its own treatment, including separation and storage while it is waiting for collection and ultimate removal and disposal.

Steel Products Storage

The two types of steel preferred in a building project are likely to be structural or reinforced steel. Steel is a central component to a building project helping assure the final material strength of a structure.

As steel comes in a variety of shapes and forms it’s not advisable to get the varied sizes and variations mixed up. Correct storage is therefore especially important. Some contractors choose colour-coded steel, while others find a system that makes the steel products easily identifiable and not difficult to locate.

This form of grading should incorporate a storage procedure of elevating the steel off the ground using some props but ensuring that it is as flat as possible so that it cannot bend.

Using an insulated self storage container also provides a dry environment which is ideal for the prevention of rust.

Bricks and Building Blocks Storage

Being heavy items, building blocks and bricks once delivered should be located near to the building works. Outside storage on a level surface is quite suitable for these materials, which normally arrive from the manufacturer strapped and in palletized form.

Best is to move them this way mechanically, relocating them into position for use when required.

Equipment and Tools Storage

As tools and equipment are in daily use and simply cannot go missing, strict stock control of them is vital. Using a storage method which is controlled through a process of daily tool and equipment issues, on site management will be able to control them effectively.

A self storage unit container is ideal for storing equipment and tools, even the size of forklifts and other small machinery can be stored this way, safely.

Wood and Timber Product Storage

Although wood is known to cure over time, it can be stored outdoors under the right conditions. Wood and timber products are prone to spoilage when affected by adverse weather, so best avoid this possibility.

Lie timber horizontally, elevated off the ground by stacking the individual beams in a pile formation. If possible, leave a gap between the beams for air flow, which is a preferred method of storing wood.

Aggregate and Sand Storage

As aggregates take up a lot of space, you’d want them stored in their different forms and sizes in a storage area that provides a sufficiently large sized area for them. Try not to let the different grades mix with each other as they all serve their individual purpose in the building. Remember to protect them from the wind or being contaminated for example by a tree that is shedding its leaves.

Cement Storage

As the hardening of cement is activated by water, any construction site that needs to store cement must do so in a dry area. It’s also important to remember that cement should be stacked on a pallet, off the ground, in stacks no more than ten bags high for best storage conditions.

Storage and Control of Building Materials

If you are required to be the caretaker of building materials and want them stored in the best conditions, then following these procedures will go a long way to ensuring that they maintain their integrity while the construction project is being completed.

If a self storage container is needed, then Cuboid Self Storage is at hand to provide the secure environment you need.

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